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Desire for a Better Life

As his unique contribution to solve current issues in our society, Mr. Ndungu shares personal experience, cultural tips, reflections, inspirations, spiritual matters and the use of common sense. Additionally, he discusses curses and Church giving. He suggests possible tools to minimize violence in general esp. among the black people like: commitment in marriage and family life, teaching relational skills, respecting life of other person as sacred, teaching young people how to solve problems without resulting to violence. Also, an establishment of intervention groups from community opinion holders among Black people in the inner cities in would help. He believes all these can reduce violence considerably. He anticipates that his suggestions can serve as short and long term solutions to violence in the world. He sees what happened in Ferguson (his neighbor) as a tip of an iceberg. It is something that may happen again and again. He defends the black woman and appeals for respect for all women in general. He calls attention to finding solution to street girls in his neighborhood. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, he is firmly convinced that lasting solutions can only be derived from the gospel.